Taxisg Taxi Fleet Analytics


TaxiSG is a Big Data solution for taxi fleets. It uses advanced algorithms and powerful big data infrastructure to distill insights and analysis from real time data. It consists of two parts - an analytics dashboard that captures performance metrics and consumer experience in real time and a driver app that increases fleet efficiency and profitability by directing taxis to areas of high unmet demand.

The TaxiSG dashboard builds a layer of optimization and intelligence on top of GPS data already generated by your fleet. Taxi fleet operators can use our visually stunning interface to gain broader insight into their fleet performance, profitability, and quality of service, without having to write code. Because it operates entirely in the cloud, this data can be accessed securely on any browser, tablet or smart phone.

Joint work with Mikhail Volkov (MIT) and Gavin Hall (MIT), supervised by Daniela Rus (MIT). This project was awarded the $250K SMART Innovation Grant ING13057-ICT: TaxiSG, Optimizing Taxi Operations in Singapore (2013).

TaxiSG app and dashboard prototypes (download)