Delivery Engine

With the growing importance of e-commerce, there is a need for scalable delivery management systems that can both increase the operational efficiency and improves end-to-end supply chain visibility of third party logistics companies. In this upcoming project, we are working with Hock Cheong to build a delivery engine that provides speed and visibility to their operations.

The end goal is to develop a powerful web based software solution that automates the company's daily transportation and logistics processes. By moving Hock Cheong's delivery management system to the cloud, we enable Hock Cheong to create, track and invoice customer orders as well as provide real time package monitoring, driver management and proof of delivery to its customers. Through automation and optimization, our system will let the company enter the e-commerce space, increase staff productivity and reduce the company's reliance on manpower.

  • Joint work in collaboration with the Hock Cheong engineering team and Jolly Good Code.
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